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Jazz WIFI and MIFI Internet Packages 2023

Jazz, a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan, offers a range of 4G internet packages for its WIFI and MIFI devices. These packages are designed to provide users with high-speed internet access at affordable prices. In 2023, Jazz has introduced three new packages that cater to different data needs.

Jazz WIFI and MIFI Internet (60GB)

The first package, named the Regular package, provides 60GB of data for 30 days at a cost of Rs 1739. This package is unique as it divides the data into two parts based on usage timing. Half of the data (30GB) is available for use 24/7, while the remaining half is accessible from 1 AM to 1 PM every day. To subscribe to this package, users need to dial *117*73#. The status of the package can be checked by dialing *117*73*2#, and it can be deactivated by dialing *117*73*4#.

Offer Name:Regular
30GB:1 AM to 1 PM
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 1739

110GB in Rs 2086

The second package, known as the Mega package, offers 110GB of data for 30 days at a price of Rs 2086. Users need to recharge Rs 2400 for successful activation. The subscription code for this package is *117*36#, while the check code and deactivation code are *117*36*2# and *117*36*4# respectively.

Offer Name:Mega
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 2086
Recharge Req:Rs 2400

180GB in Rs 2608

The third package, called the Heavy package, provides 180GB of data for 30 days at a cost of Rs 2608. To activate this package, users need to recharge Rs 3000 and dial *117*74#. The check code for this package is *117*74*2#, and it can be deactivated by dialing *117*74*4#.

Offer Name:Heavy
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 2600
Recharge Req:Rs 3000

These packages are suitable for all Jazz Super 4G WIFI, Super 4G WINGLE, and Jazz HOME WIFI 4G devices. They offer a convenient way for users to access the internet in Pakistan, where 4G devices are widely used. Whether you need regular, mega, or heavy data usage, Jazz has a package that fits your needs.


Jazz’s 2023 WIFI and MIFI internet packages offer a range of options for users seeking high-speed internet connectivity. With their affordable prices and generous data allowances, these packages represent excellent value for money.

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