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Jazz Weekly Internet Package 30GB | Jazz Weekly Super Max

The Jazz Weekly Internet Package 30GB, also known as the Jazz Weekly Super Max Offer, is a comprehensive telecom package that offers a blend of internet data, call minutes, and SMS for Jazz SIM users. This package can be activated by dialing *506# and it remains valid for seven days.

The Jazz Weekly Super Max Offer is a hybrid bundle, a type of package that combines different types of incentives into one offer with a specific validity period. Hybrid bundles are popular among users due to their convenience and comprehensive nature, offering a mix of SMS, call minutes, and internet data. However, they typically cost about 30% more than separate daily, weekly, or monthly packages for calls, SMS, or internet.

Jazz Weekly Internet Package 30GB

The Jazz Weekly Super Max Offer costs 315 rupees and provides 30GB of internet data, 6000 Jazz minutes, 6000 SMS, and 150 minutes for other networks. The incentives provided in this package are available 24/7 for seven days after subscription. However, any remaining minutes, SMS, or internet data will expire after 12 hours at night.

Creating a new bundle is a complex task for network officials. They must balance the quantity of SMS, MBs, and minutes according to each other. This balance determines the price of the bundle, ensuring it remains affordable for users.

Offer Name:Super Max
Jazz Minutes:6000
Other Minutes:150
Rupees:Rs 400
Validity:7 Days

The Jazz Weekly Super Max Offer has earned its “Max” name due to the high amount of all incentives it offers. It’s a popular choice among Jazz users because it provides all telecom features in one weekly bundle. To check the status of this package, users can dial *506*2#.


Jazz Weekly Super Max Offer is a comprehensive and convenient package for Jazz users, providing a mix of internet data, call minutes, and SMS for a week. Despite its higher cost compared to separate packages, its convenience and comprehensive nature make it a popular choice among users.

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