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Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code 2023

Jazz TV, a popular television service, offers its subscribers a variety of packages to enjoy unlimited videos including dramas, movies, cartoons, and more at affordable rates. However, there may come a time when a subscriber wishes to unsubscribe from these services. In such cases, Jazz TV provides three basic methods to deactivate the daily, weekly, or monthly packages.

Jazz TV Unsubscribe (SMS)

The first method involves using the Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code. Subscribers can simply type “unsub” in a new message and send it to the service number 6611. This will automatically deactivate the active television bundle within a few seconds. The service charges for this method are PKR 0.15, inclusive of tax. It’s important to note that this code is valid for deactivating all Mobilink Packages.

Uninstall Jazz TV App

The second method to unsubscribe from the television bundle is by uninstalling the Jazz TV application from your device. Once the application is uninstalled, all activated bundles will be automatically unsubscribed. To do this, open the Android settings, click on applications settings, select “Jazz TV”, and then click on the “uninstall button”. As a result, the service will no longer be active on the SIM.

Jazz TV deactivate via Helpline

The third method to deactivate the service is by contacting the Jazz Helpline. Subscribers can call the official helpline number and ask for package un-installation. To do this, call on Jazz Helpline 111, ask to connect to customer care service, and request the agent to deactivate the Jazz TV package. The only cost associated with this method is the charge for calling the helpline number.

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You choose to use the Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code, uninstall the Jazz TV app, or call the Jazz Helpline, you can easily deactivate your Jazz TV daily, weekly, or monthly packages. These methods are designed to save your time and balance, allowing you to manage your subscriptions effectively.

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