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Jazz Slypee Service Unsubscribe Code 2023

Jazz Slypee is a popular service that provides users with access to a variety of online content such as movies, songs, videos, pictures, and games. However, some users may want to unsubscribe from this service due to its daily charges of Rs 4+tax, which can add up to a significant amount over time. This article will guide you through the process of unsubscribing from Jazz Slypee Service in 2023.

Jazz Slypee Service Unsubscribe

There are two main methods to unsubscribe from Jazz Slypee Service. The first method involves using the official Jazz Slypee portal. To do this, click on the image provided on the website to open the portal. Once there, click on the “plus” sign button located in the right side footer. This will present you with four different options. Select the question mark option, which will automatically open the “Support” tab.

Here, you will need to provide your name and email, and then type the message “Unsubscribe Jazz Slypee Service” along with your phone number. After sending this message, the Jazz Slypee team will process your request and deactivate the service. You will receive a confirmation SMS once the service has been successfully deactivated.

Use Online Slypee Support

The second method to unsubscribe from Jazz Slypee Service is by calling the Jazz helpline. Dial 111 and connect with an agent. Inform the agent that you wish to deactivate the Slypee service. They will process your request, but please note that this method may involve official charges and taxes.

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Alternatively, you can send the text message “Unsub” to 9825 from your prepaid Jazz SIM. This will automatically deactivate the Slypee service on your SIM for free.

Please remember that both these methods are valid for both Jazz prepaid and postpaid users. Also, ensure that you have sufficient balance on your mobile for the first method and internet access for the second method.


While Jazz Slypee Service offers a range of entertainment options, its daily charges may not be suitable for all users. If you wish to unsubscribe from this service, you can do so easily using the methods outlined above.

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