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Jazz 4G Devices and Their Internet Packages

In the era of digital connectivity, having a reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury but a necessity. In Pakistan, the advent of 4G technology has revolutionized the way people access the internet. One of the leading providers of this service is Jazz, offering a range of 4G devices and internet packages tailored to meet diverse user needs.

Jazz 4G Devices Price

Jazz’s 4G devices come in various forms, each designed to cater to different user requirements. These devices vary in size, signal range, power consumption, and user connectivity power. The three most popular Jazz 4G devices are the Jazz 4G Wingle, priced at PKR 3500, the Jazz 4G WIFI, available for PKR 4500, and the Jazz Home WIFI, which costs PKR 8500. These devices can be purchased from any nearby Jazz care center or Jazz point after completing a biometric verification process.

3 Days Jazz 4G Devices Internet Packages

Jazz offers a wide array of internet packages for its 4G devices, ranging from short-term to long-term plans. For users seeking short-term internet access, Jazz provides a 3-day bundle with 8GB data for PKR 347, requiring a recharge of PKR 400. For a slightly longer duration, there’s a 7-day bundle offering 25GB data for PKR 869, requiring a recharge of PKR 1000.

Offer Name:3 Day Bundle
Data:8GB internet
Price:Rs 347
Recharge Required:Rs 400
Validity:3 Days
Subscribe Code:*117*53#

7 Day Bundle

Offer Name:7 Day Bundle
Data:25GB internet
Price:Rs 869
Recharge Required:Rs 1000
Validity:7 Days
Subscribe Code:*117*57#

Regular Monthly

For those needing internet access over a month, Jazz offers several monthly bundles. The Regular Monthly package provides 60GB data (30GB usable from 1 AM to 1 PM) for PKR 1740, requiring a recharge of PKR 2000.

Offer Name:Monthly Regular
Data:60 GB
Timing:30 GB
Price:PKR 1740
Recharge:PKR 2000
Status Code:*117*73*2#
UN-SUB Code:*117*73*4#

Mega Monthly

The Monthly Mega package offers 110GB data (50GB usable from 1 AM to 1 PM) for PKR 2086, requiring a recharge of PKR 2400.

Offer Name:Monthly Mega
Data:110 GB
Timing:50 GB
Price:PKR 2,086
Recharge:PKR 2,400
Status Code:*117*36*2#
UN-SUB Code:*117*36*4#

Heavy Monthly

The Monthly Heavy package, designed for heavy data users, provides 180GB data (75GB usable from 1 AM to 1 PM) for PKR 2608, requiring a recharge of PKR 3000.

Offer Name:Monthly Heavy
Data:180 GB
Timing:75 GB
Price:PKR 2608
Recharge:PKR 3000
Status Code:*117*74*2#
UN-SUB Code:    –

3 Month Bundle

For users looking long-term internet access, Jazz offers the 3-Month Bundle with 65GB data for PKR 5625, requiring a recharge of PKR 6500, and the 6-Month Bundle with 100GB data for PKR 12,173, requiring a recharge of PKR 14,000.

Offer Name:3-Months
Data:65 GB
Validity:90 Days
Price:PKR 5625
Recharge:PKR 6500
Status Code:*117*17*2#
UN-SUB Code:*117*15*4#

6 Month Bundle

Offer Name:6-Months
Data:100 GB
Validity:300 Days
Price:PKR 12,173
Recharge:PKR 14,000
Status Code:*117*18*2#
UN-SUB Code:*117*16*4#


Jazz’s 4G devices and their accompanying internet packages offer a comprehensive solution for users seeking reliable and high-speed internet connectivity. Whether you’re a casual browser or a heavy data user, Jazz has a package that can cater to your needs.

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