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Jazz Make Your Own Bundle 2023

Mobilink, a leading telecommunications service provider, has introduced an innovative offer for its prepaid customers: the Jazz Make Your Own Bundle. This unique feature allows users to tailor their call, data, and SMS packages according to their specific needs and preferences.

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone has different communication requirements based on their age, profession, and lifestyle. Recognizing this diversity, Mobilink has launched this customizable bundle, enabling users to design their own package by selecting the desired amount of SMS, call minutes, and internet data.

Jazz Make Your Own Bundle

To avail of this offer, users need to dial *303#. This code activates a digital calculator that helps users determine the cost of their custom bundle based on their selected incentives. For instance, if a user wants to create a personal bundle, they can dial *303#, choose the number of SMS, call minutes, and internet Mbps they require, and then select the validity period from options of 1, 7, or 30 days. The calculator will then display the cost of the designed bundle within seconds.

Package Name:Make Your
Own Bundle
Price:As Per Customer
Validity:1/7/30 Days
Type:Prepaid Only

The Jazz Make Your Own Bundle is not only flexible but also easy to monitor. Users can check the status of their bundle by dialing *303*1# for the daily bundle, *303*7# for the weekly bundle, and *303*30# for the monthly bundle. These codes provide information about the remaining incentives of each bundle.

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(Daily) 1-Day Status Check

1 Day BundleStatus: *303*1#

(Weekly) 7 Days Status Check

7 Days BundleStatus: *303*7#

(Monthly) 30 Days Status Check

30 Days BundleStatus: *303*30#

This offer is applicable for all 2G/3G/4G devices, ensuring uninterrupted internet usage. However, it’s important to note that the bundle is non-recursive and expires automatically. After the completion of the bundle, the company calculates and displays the package charges according to its policy.

The Jazz Make Your Own Bundle is a golden opportunity for users to customize their communication experience. It offers flexibility, convenience, and control, allowing users to communicate their way. However, users should remember that standard call charges and General Sales Tax will apply, and federal territory areas may have to pay additional taxes.


Jazz Make Your Own Bundle is a revolutionary step towards personalized communication. It empowers users to design their own packages, ensuring they only pay for what they need. So, why wait? Dial *303# today and create your own bundle!

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