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Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer 2GB | Jazz 2 Hour Net *846#

The Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer is a unique package designed to cater to the needs of users who require high-speed internet for a short duration. This offer, provided by Jazz 4G, one of the leading telecommunication companies, allows users to enjoy 2GB of 3G/4G internet for two hours at a cost of just Rs 20.

Finding an internet package that aligns with a user’s specific needs can be challenging. However, Jazz 4G has consistently topped the list of providers offering daily, weekly, monthly, and hourly internet packages. The Internet Hourly Extreme Offer stands out among these, providing 2GB of data for a two-hour period.

Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer

To subscribe to this package, users need to dial *846# from their keypad. This prepaid bundle is available to all Jazz prepaid customers and offers uninterrupted access to 2GB (2000 Mbps) of 2G/3G/4G internet for two hours at a cost of Rs 20.

Package NameHourly Extreme
Data:2 GB
Price:Rs 20
Validity:2 Hours
Availability:1AM – 6PM

1 AM To 6 PM Offer

This package is particularly beneficial for those who wish to use the internet non-stop for two hours between 1 AM to 6 PM. It provides a golden opportunity to access social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp or video portals until the MBs validity expires.

Jazz 2GB (2000 MBs)

Interestingly, this package is often referred to by its data volume rather than its official name. Users commonly search for the 2GB (2000 Mbps) Jazz internet package instead of the Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer due to its unique feature of providing 2GB of data for a two-hour period.

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The activation code for this package is *846#, and it is valid on all 2G/3G/4G devices. Users can check their remaining Mbps free of cost, and the official package charges are Rupees 20.30 only. The package can only be subscribed to once a day and provides speedy internet speed. After the consumption of 2000 Mbps, each additional Mbps will be charged according to the official price of Rs 2.39 per Mbps (including tax).

In case of any difficulties, users can dial 111 to contact service care. However, it’s important to note that sometimes the speed may be slow due to area coverage, weather conditions, or technical failures. Therefore, users are advised to check whether they are in a 4G area by dialing *443*1# before subscribing to the package.


Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer is an excellent choice for users seeking high-speed internet for a short duration at an affordable cost.

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