How To Get Unlimited Free Internet On Jazz 3G/4G SIM?

For those who are always on the lookout for ways to maximize their internet usage, this article provides a comprehensive guide on how to get unlimited free internet on Jazz 3G/4G SIM. This is particularly beneficial for 4G users who are constantly in need of data.

Jazz Unlimited Free Internet

Jazz, also known as Mobilink, is a network provider that frequently introduces new codes and methods to provide its users with free data. This strategy not only attracts new users but also enhances the network’s ratings. These codes and methods are introduced daily, offering various validity periods, some providing data for a week, while others may vary.

Here are some codes that have been launched for free data on 3G/4G Jazz SIM Cards. Please note that these codes were introduced at different times, so some might have expired while others may still be functional. It’s also important to remember that Jazz reserves the right to terminate or change any code offer at any time.

*117*72*3#500 Mbps
*117*9*3#50 GB
*67182#5 GB
*5555#1 GB
*191#2 GB
*117*72*3#500 Mbps
*499#Free FB
*117*4#Free FB
*225#25 Mbps
*110#Free YouTube
*836#300 Mbps
*264#Unlimited 2G
*832#500 Mbps
*443*30#4 GB
*117*9#5 GB
*191#700 Mbps
*463#50 Mbps
*499#Free Social Sites
*114*6#Free FB

Jazz World App Trick

In addition to these codes, Jazz 4G also offers free data through the Jazz World App. Users can download this app from the Playstore and enjoy free Mbps throughout the week without any interruptions. After installing and opening the app, users can click on “Daily Rewards” to receive varying amounts of Mbps according to a set schedule, covering seven days of the week with free data.

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It’s worth noting that all these methods and codes were launched during the year 2023. As such, users are advised to check the validity of these codes and methods regularly to ensure they can continue enjoying free data.


Jazz provides several ways for its users to enjoy unlimited free internet on their 3G/4G SIMs. Whether it’s through the use of specific codes or by downloading and using the Jazz World App, users have multiple options to choose from. However, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest codes and methods to continue benefiting from this service.

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