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Jazz Facebook Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2023

Jazz, a leading telecom provider, offers a range of affordable Facebook packages for its prepaid users. These packages are designed to cater to the varying needs of users, providing them with the flexibility to choose from daily, weekly, or monthly plans.

Jazz Facebook Package (Daily)

The Daily Social package is an excellent choice for those who need short-term access to Facebook. Priced at just Rs 23, this package provides 1.5GB of data valid for 24 hours. To activate this offer, prepaid Jazz users can dial *968#.

Offer Name:Daily Social
Validity:1 Day
Price:Rs 23
Subscribe Code:*968#
SUB via IVR:Dial 3111 > 1 > 2

Jazz Facebook Package (Weekly)

For users who prefer a longer duration, the Weekly Social package is an ideal option. This package, originally named the Weekly Youtube & Social Offer, provides 5GB of data for Facebook at a cost of Rs 138. The package lasts for seven days and can be activated by dialing *660#.

Offer Name:Weekly Social
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 138
Subscribe Code:*660#
Unsub Code:*660*4#

Jazz Facebook Package (Monthly)

Lastly, the Monthly Social package is perfect for those who want uninterrupted access to Facebook for an entire month. For Rs 148, users get 7GB of data for Facebook, along with 12,000 SMS. This package can be activated by dialing *661# and lasts for 30 days.

Offer Name:Monthly Social
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 148
Subscribe Code:*661#
Unsub Code*661*4#

To check the remaining data of these packages, users can simply dial *2# at the end of the activation code. For instance, to check the remaining data for the daily package, users can dial *968*2#.

These packages are part of Jazz’s commitment to providing its users with affordable and high-quality internet services. With the fastest 4G LTE coverage, Jazz ensures that its users enjoy non-stop socializing on Facebook.


Jazz’s Facebook packages for 2023 offer great value for money, allowing prepaid users to stay connected with their friends and family on Facebook without worrying about data limits. Whether you’re a casual user or a social media enthusiast, Jazz has a package that suits your needs.

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