How to Activate Conference Call on Jazz Network in 2023

A conference call is a phone call that allows multiple people to join the conversation at the same time. This is achieved by dialing a specific number and access code that connects all participants to the same call.

Conference calls are very useful for conducting meetings remotely, holding conference presentations, collaborating on projects, and any situation where you need to have discussions between multiple parties. They eliminate the need for expensive travel and make it easy to include people from different locations.

Some of the key benefits of conference calls include:

  • Cost savings – No need for travel expenses to meet in person.
  • Time savings – Avoid spending time commuting to meetings.
  • Increased productivity – Enable collaboration without geographic restrictions.
  • Convenience – Participants can join from any location with phone access.
  • Scalability – Large numbers of people can join the same call.
  • Recording options – Many services offer recording/playback features.

Importance of Activating Conference Call on Jazz Network

Jazz is one of the most popular cellular networks in Pakistan. Activating the conference call feature on Jazz allows users to harness the benefits of conference calling outlined above.

Here are some key reasons why activating conference calls on Jazz is important:

  • Widespread reach – Jazz has over 65 million subscribers across Pakistan so you can connect with more people.
  • Affordable rates – Jazz offers competitive calling rates, making conference calls cost-effective.
  • No need for other services – Jazz users don’t have to use third-party apps or services for conference calling.
  • Flexibility – Jazz conference calls work on both prepaid and postpaid connections.
  • Easy access – Once activated, starting a Jazz conference call only takes a few seconds.

Overall, activating the conference call feature enables Jazz subscribers to seamlessly collaborate and communicate in groups without any geographic restrictions. It harnesses the power of their cellular network for improved productivity and convenience.

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Understanding Conference Call Activation on Jazz Network

Jazz Conference Call Code 2023

The conference call code for Jazz in 2023 is: *902*5#

This code is used to activate and start conference calls by Jazz subscribers. It remains consistent year on year, so the *902*5# code will work for activating and accessing conference calling throughout 2023.

To activate the conference call feature for the first time, Jazz users have to dial *902*5# and follow the instructions. Once activated, they can then dial the same code *902*5# again in the future when they want to initiate a specific conference call.

The *902*5# conference call activation code allows up to 6 participants to join a call. It works uniformly across Jazz prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid connections.

Steps to Activate Conference Call on Jazz Samsung

Here is the step-by-step process to activate conference calling on a Samsung device using Jazz SIM:

  • Open Phone Dialer on your Samsung device.
  • Dial *902*5# – the Jazz conference call activation code.
  • Follow the voice prompts to activate the service.
  • You will hear a confirmation message once activated.
  • To initiate a conference call, dial *902*5# again and follow prompts.
  • Enter the Jazz numbers you want to add to the conference call.
  • Once participants pick up, the conference call will start.

Remember, the first time you dial *902*5#, it activates the feature. Subsequently dialing it will start a conference call. The process remains the same on all Samsung devices including smartphones, feature phones, tablets with SIM slots.

Steps to Activate Conference Call on Jazz Pakistan

The steps to activate conference calls on any phone using a Jazz SIM in Pakistan are:

  • Dial *902*5# on your phone with the Jazz SIM inserted.
  • Follow the instructions to activate the conference calling service.
  • Listen for the confirmation message indicating activation is complete.
  • To make a conference call, dial *902*5# again and follow prompts.
  • Input the Jazz numbers of participants when prompted.
  • Once participants accept the call, conference call will start.
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This simple process works on all mobile phones and landline numbers with a Jazz connection. Both prepaid and postpaid Jazz users in Pakistan can follow these steps to activate and use conference calling.

Activating Conference Call on Jazz for Free

The conference call activation on Jazz is free. Users only need to dial the *902*5# code to activate the service without any activation charges.

However, regular call rates apply when using the Jazz conference calling service. The call charges are based on:

  • Prepaid or postpaid Jazz connection
  • Calling zone (same network, other network, etc.)
  • Time of day (peak hours or off-peak hours)

But the access code *902*5# is toll-free. And Jazz does not levy any monthly subscription charges for using their integrated conference calling feature. Users only pay for talk-time minutes used during the conference call.

To minimize charges, Jazz users should add minutes to their prepaid accounts or opt for an unlimited calling plan. Overall, conference call activation is free on Jazz, providing affordable conferencing capabilities to subscribers.

Conference Call Activation Codes for Different Networks

Conference Call Activation Code for Jazz Prepaid Users

For Jazz prepaid users, the conference call activation code is:


This same code is used for both activating the service initially and starting a conference call subsequently. The steps are:

  • Dial *902*5# first time to activate feature.
  • Listen to prompts and follow instructions.
  • Dial *902*5# again whenever you want to initiate a conference call.
  • Input participant Jazz numbers when prompted.
  • Conference call will start as participants join.

Jazz does not charge prepaid users for activating or accessing conference calling. Only regular prepaid call rates apply when using the service.

Conference Call Activation Code for Zong Network

For Zong users, the conference call activation code is:

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The steps to use it are:

  • Dial *21*3# first time to activate conference calling.
  • Follow prompts to complete one-time activation process.
  • Dial *21*3# again when you want to make a conference call.
  • Input the Zong numbers of participants when prompted.
  • The Zong conference call will start as participants join.

Zong postpaid users need to subscribe to the conference calling feature. For prepaid users, standard call rates apply without any activation fee.

Conference Call Activation Code for Other Networks (e.g., Telenor)

The conference call activation codes for other major Pakistani networks are:

  • Telenor: Dial *21*7#
  • Ufone: Dial *21*4#
  • Warid: Dial *21*2#

The process to activate and use conference calling remains similar on these networks:

  • Dial code first time to activate service.
  • Follow prompts to complete activation.
  • Dial same code again to initiate conference call.
  • Input participant numbers of same network when prompted.
  • Conference call will start as participants join.

Charges and fees may vary depending on prepaid or postpaid connection. Users should contact their service provider for exact rates.


Conference calling is an essential business communication tool that allows real-time collaboration between multiple participants. Activating the conference call feature on Jazz and other Pakistani cellular networks makes this capability accessible to millions of subscribers.

By dialing the conference call activation code and following a few simple prompts, Jazz users can start leveraging the flexibility and convenience of conference calls for improved productivity. Affordable prepaid rates make the service useful for both individuals and organizations.

This guide has provided a comprehensive overview of successfully activating and using conference calling on Jazz devices and connections in Pakistan. The step-by-step instructions outline the activation process across different scenarios. With these details, Jazz subscribers can seamlessly integrate conference calls into their daily communications.

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