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Jazz Call Divert Code – Guide to Jazz Call Forwarding Service 2023

The Jazz Call Divert and Jazz Call Forwarding services are identical features that allow users to redirect incoming calls to other numbers. This service is particularly useful when you are busy or do not wish to receive calls or SMS from certain numbers. By activating the Jazz Call Divert or Jazz Call Forwarding Service with a simple code, you can ensure that your calls are automatically forwarded to another number.

The mechanism of this service is quite unique. When someone dials your number, the call is automatically redirected to another number, much like sending a parcel to an address but having someone else at the same address receive it.

Jazz Call Divert Code

To activate the Jazz Call Divert or Jazz Call Forwarding service, dial *21*0300786# for a fixed price. If the first code does not work or shows any issues, you can also dial *21*Number#, for example, *21*03057867860#. Both these codes are designed to activate the same service.

Service Name:Call Divert

How To Check Divert Num?

If you want to check which numbers have been added to your divert list, simply dial *#21#. The network will then provide you with a pop-up message listing all the numbers you have added to the Jazz Call Divert Service.

How To Unsub Service?

To deactivate the Jazz Call Forwarding Service from your prepaid number, dial ##21# or ##002# for free. This code will automatically deactivate the service from your number at no cost, and all divert numbers will be added to the whitelist.

Call Divert in Settings

Moreover, all mobile phones have built-in settings for call divert or call forwarding service. You can activate or deactivate this feature through manual customization of your phone’s general settings. To do so, open your mobile phone settings, click on call settings, select the call forward option, activate this option, add divert numbers, and save the new settings.

This service is especially beneficial for those who wish to avoid receiving calls from unknown or unwanted numbers. It can be easily activated either through mobile phone settings or via a SIM code, providing a hassle-free solution to manage your incoming calls.


Please note that the Jazz Call Divert and Jazz Call Forwarding services are the same, and the codes provided here are for their activation and deactivation. The service is available for a fixed price and is valid for a lifetime for prepaid users.

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