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Jazz Apni Dhun Unsubscribe Code 2023

The Jazz Apni Dhun service is a popular feature offered by the telecom company Jazz. However, for those who wish to unsubscribe from this service, there are several methods available. This article will guide you through the process of deactivating the Jazz Apni Dhun service.

Jazz Apni Dhun Unsubscribe Code

Jazz Apni Dhun is a sub-service linked to the Jazz Call Tune or Mobitune service. Therefore, when you cancel your subscription from the Call Tune service, the Apni Dhun service will automatically be unsubscribed from your prepaid number.

There are five different codes or methods that can be used to unsubscribe from the Jazz Apni Dhun service. These methods are completely legal and work instantly to remove the service permanently from the subscriber’s number.

1st Trick (Dial 230)

The first method involves dialing the 230 code. This is the unsubscription code for the Jazz Caller (Mobitune) service. By dialing this code, you can permanently unsubscribe from the Apni Dhun service.

2nd Method (Send ‘unsub’ to 230)

The second method is to send an SMS with the text ‘unsub’ to the number 230. This will also result in the automatic removal of the service.

3rd Method (*230*8# Code)

The third method involves dialing the code *230*8#. This code also works to deactivate the Mobitune service, which in turn disables the Jazz Apni Dhun service.

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4th & 5th Trick (Dial Helpline)

The fourth and fifth methods involve contacting the Jazz helpline. You can either dial 111 or call on 111-300-300 and ask the Jazz agent to deactivate the Jazz Apni Dhun service from your SIM.

Jazz Apni Dhun Service Charges

It’s important to note that the Jazz Apni Dhun service incurs daily charges. These charges vary depending on different situations. For instance, daily charges amount to Rs 2.50, while IVR charges on dialing 230 are Rs 2.84 per minute. Dialing 2301 incurs IVR charges of Rs 0.72 per minute, and downloading a tune via SMS costs Rs 9.55 (including taxes).

Save Plenty of Balance (Load)

By deactivating the Jazz Apni Dhun service, you can save a significant amount of balance that would otherwise be deducted on a daily basis. This makes unsubscribing from the service a beneficial move for many Jazz Mobi-Tune (Apni Dhun) service users.


Jazz Apni Dhun service offers a unique feature to its users, it’s important to know how to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to use it. By following the methods outlined in this article, you can easily deactivate the service and save on daily charges.


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