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Jazz Advance Unsubscribe Code 2023

The Jazz Advance service, a popular network in Pakistan, offers its users an advance balance service. This service allows users who have run out of balance to borrow some from the network for urgent calls, SMS, or internet usage. However, this convenience comes with a cost – a tax of Rs 4 is charged on the next recharge. To avoid this charge, users often seek to unsubscribe from the Jazz Advance service.

Jazz Advance Unsubscribe Code

The Jazz Advance Unsubscribe Code is a simple and effective way to deactivate this service. The official code, *112*4#, has been introduced by the network officials to cater to the needs of their subscribers. Dialing this code is free of charge and it effectively unsubscribes the user from the Jazz Advance Balance or loan service.

Service Name:Jazz Advance
UNSUB Code:*112*4#
Service Charges:Free

Unsub By Menu

In addition to this code, there are other methods to unsubscribe from the service. One such method involves using the official Jazz menu. By dialing 123, users can access the prepaid Jazz menu. Responding with 5 and then 3 will lead to the deactivation of the Jazz Advance balance service.

Call Helpline Code

Another method to unsubscribe is through the network’s helpline. Users can dial 111 or 111-124-444 to connect with the network’s officials. Upon request, the agent will deactivate all packages or the specific service from the user’s number.

Use Jazz World App

Jazz also offers an official app, known as the World App, which allows users to manage all their SMS, Call, and Internet packages. Subscribers to the Jazz Advance Loan Service can use this app to unsubscribe from the service.

Despite these methods, if users still face difficulties in unsubscribing from the service, they can leave a comment on the network’s website. The network promises to respond within a few hours to resolve any issues related to SIM or packages.


Jazz Advance service can be a lifesaver in times of need, it’s important to know how to unsubscribe from it to avoid unnecessary charges. With the official unsubscribe code and other methods, users can easily manage their subscriptions and balance.

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