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Jazz 24 Hours Call Package With Unlimited Minutes

Jazz offers an exciting 24 hours call package that provides customers with unlimited minutes for calls to any network within Pakistan for the duration of 24 hours. This is an affordable package that gives users the freedom to make unlimited calls without worrying about per minute charges. With this package, customers can stay connected with their loved ones, colleagues, clients and anyone else they need to be in touch with regularly.

Benefits of activating this package

There are several key benefits of activating the Jazz 24 hours call package with unlimited minutes:

  • Make unlimited calls for 24 hours without per minute charges
  • Stay connected with important contacts without worrying about your talk time balance
  • Avoid call drops due to insufficient balance
  • Great for frequent callers who make a lot of calls daily
  • Flexible and affordable package suitable for all kinds of users
  • Convenient way to manage monthly phone expenses

This package provides great value for money for frequent callers. It removes the hassle of having to recharge balance again and again to make calls. Customers can activate it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as per their calling requirements.

How to Activate the Jazz 24 Hours Call Package with Unlimited Minutes

Step 1: Know the different options available

Jazz offers the 24 hours unlimited minutes package with following duration options:

  • Daily – This will activate the unlimited minutes for 24 hours only. You can subscribe to this on a daily basis.
  • Weekly – This provides unlimited minutes for 7 days. It offers great value for money for frequent callers.
  • Monthly – This activates unlimited minutes for 30 days. Ideal for heavy voice usage.

Customers can choose the duration as per their calling requirements. Daily works well if you want it for a specific day, while weekly and monthly options are great if you make a lot of calls regularly.

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Step 2: Choose the desired package duration (daily, weekly, or monthly)

Based on your calling needs, select the ideal duration of the Jazz 24 hours unlimited minutes package:

  • If you make a large number of calls almost every day, go for the monthly package.
  • If you make frequent calls during weekdays but limited calls on weekends, the weekly package may be suitable.
  • If you need unlimited minutes for a specific day when you expect to make a lot of calls, activate the daily package.

Selecting the right duration package allows you to maximize the value you get. Avoid activating an expensive monthly pack if you just need unlimited minutes occasionally.

Step 3: Dial the activation code or use the Jazz App

To activate the package, you can either dial the code directly from your mobile, or use the My Jazz App.

The activation codes are:

  • Daily – *117*87#
  • Weekly – *117*88#
  • Monthly – *117*89#

Dial the respective code and press call. You will get a confirmation message on activation. Alternatively, open My Jazz App and go to Products > Voice > 24 hours Unlimited Minutes. Select your preferred duration and activate.

Step 4: Confirm the activation and start enjoying unlimited minutes

You will receive a confirmation SMS upon successful activation of the package. It will mention the activation date and validity details. Once activated, you can enjoy seamless unlimited calls to any local network for the package duration without worrying about balance.

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can now activate Jazz 24 hours unlimited minutes package and stay connected with your loved ones at an affordable rate.

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Jazz 24 Hours Call Package with Unlimited Minutes Code

Specific code for activating the package

To activate the Jazz 24 hours unlimited minutes package, customers need to dial specific USSD codes from their mobile phones. Here is an explanation of what each code means and how to use it:

  • *117*87# – This is the activation code for the daily package. Dialing this will activate unlimited minutes for 24 hours from the time of activation.
  • *117*88# – This code is for the weekly package. It activates unlimited minutes for 7 days from the time you dial it.
  • *117*89# – This activates the monthly Jazz 24 hours unlimited minutes package, giving you unlimited calls for 30 days.

To activate:

  • Dial the code corresponding to the duration you want i.e. daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Press the call button after dialing the code.
  • You will receive a text confirmation of activation.

That’s it! These codes provide an easy and fast way to activate the Jazz unlimited minutes package compared to logging into the app or website. Customers can simply dial whenever they want to activate the package for a specific duration.

However, remember that calling the code directly will activate the package, so only dial once you are ready to activate. Overall, these MMI codes offer a convenient method to quickly avail Jazz’s unlimited minutes offer.

Get the Most Out of Your Jazz Call Package

Monitor your usage to avoid exceeding the allocated minutes

While the 24 hours unlimited minutes package from Jazz provides endless calling, it is only for the validity period. So keep an eye on your usage time to ensure you don’t exceed the 24 hours limit. Set reminders for the package expiration so you can renew it on time if needed.

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Take advantage of the unlimited minutes to make important calls

Since you don’t have to worry about per minute charges, utilize the unlimited minutes to make those important lengthy calls to family, friends or business contacts. It’s also very useful when you have an urgent matter to discuss.

Consider the duration of the package based on your needs

Evaluate your calling pattern before choosing the ideal package duration. If you only make a lot of calls occasionally, the daily package works. But if you call frequently, go for weekly or monthly to maximize savings.

Use the Jazz app for easy management and tracking

The My Jazz app offers an easy way to activate your required package or check remaining minutes. You can also set alerts for package expiry reminders. Using the app reduces the hassle of remembering codes.


The Jazz 24 hours unlimited minutes call package offers great convenience and affordability. By following the step-by-step guide above, you can easily activate this package through the USSD codes or My Jazz app. Choosing the right duration and managing your usage allows you to derive maximum value.

With unlimited calling to any network, you no longer have to worry about per minute charges or call drops due to low balance. This package is ideal for frequent callers who want the freedom to call endlessly within a 24 hour validity period. It provides flexibility and saves cost in the long run. So dial the code or use the app to activate Jazz unlimited minutes today and say goodbye to call time worries! FINISHED BLOG

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