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Jazz 2 Hour Internet Package 2023

The Jazz 2 Hour Internet Package 2023 is a unique offering that provides users with 1GB of data for a duration of two hours at a cost of just Rs 35. This package, also known as the new daily mega offer, is designed to cater to the needs of users who require internet access for a limited period.

This prepaid bundle is particularly popular among users who are looking for affordable and short-term internet packages. The Jazz 2 Hour Internet Package has been hailed as a dream bundle in Pakistan, marking a significant milestone in the country’s telecom history.

Jazz 2 Hour Internet Package

Jazz 4G offers a variety of internet packages, including daily, weekly, and monthly options. However, the introduction of the 1 hour and 2 hour daily internet packages is a first for the network. These packages have been detailed on this page, along with their respective subscription codes and check codes for the convenience of users.

Jazz 2 Hours Net Package

To activate the Jazz 2 Hour Internet Package, users need to dial *117*4#. This package provides 1GB of data for 3G/4G Sim and works non-stop for 120 minutes. To check the remaining internet MBs of this 2 hour Jazz data bundle, users can dial *117*4*2#.

Offer Name:Daily Mega
Validity:2 Hours
Price:Rs 35
Check Code:*117*4*2#

Jazz 2 Hour Net & Call

In addition to the 2 Hour Internet Package, Jazz also offers the Friends GupShup package, which provides 1GB Facebook Data, 250 Jazz Minutes, and 200 SMS for 2 hours at just Rs 15. Users can activate this package by dialing *555#.

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Offer Name:Friends GupShup
Jazz Minutes:250
FB Data:1GB
Validity:2 Hours
Price:Rs 15
Subscribe Code:*555#

Jazz 1 Hour Net Package

For those who require internet access for a shorter duration, Jazz offers the Super Ghanta package. This package provides 1GB of data for 1 hour at a cost of Rs 10. Users can subscribe to this package by dialing *638# and check the remaining MBs by dialing *638*2#.

Offer Name:Super Ghanta
Validity:1 Hour
Price:Rs 10
Check Code:*638*2#

How To Inquire MBs?

Jazz prepaid Sim users can enjoy these fantastic packages for 3G/4G fun. These hourly packages are perfect for those who only need to use social media or get internet updates. To check the remaining MBs in a 1-hour bucket or in a 2 hours net package, users simply need to dial *2# at the end of the subscription code of the net package. Alternatively, they can use the Jazz World App to inquire about the remaining MBs.


Jazz 2 Hour Internet Package 2023 is an excellent option for users who require short-term internet access. With its affordable price and generous data allowance, it’s no wonder that this package has become a popular choice among Pakistani users.

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