How to Check IBAN Number of JazzCash & EasyPaisa 2023

In the digital age, financial transactions have become more seamless than ever. One of the key elements that make these transactions possible is an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). In Pakistan, JazzCash and EasyPaisa are two popular platforms that leverage this system, enabling millions of users to conduct their financial affairs with ease.

What is an IBAN Number?

IBAN stands for ‘International Bank Account Number,’ a standard numbering system developed to simplify international money transfers. It comprises up to 34 alphanumeric characters representing country code, domestic bank account number, branch identifier, and potential routing information. The IBAN structure differs by country, but its primary purpose remains the same – facilitating easy identification of overseas bank accounts.

Verify the IBAN Number

Verifying your IBAN number is crucial for several reasons. It ensures that the funds you’re transferring reach the correct account. Incorrect or invalid IBANs can result in failed transactions, delays, or even the money being sent to the wrong account. Therefore, double-checking this number before making transactions is a safety measure worth taking.

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The role of Mobilink Microfinance Bank in JazzCash

Mobilink Microfinance Bank plays a crucial role in JazzCash’s operations. As a subsidiary of Jazz, Pakistan’s largest telecom company, Mobilink Microfinance Bank provides the financial infrastructure supporting JazzCash. This partnership ensures that users can reliably and securely perform transactions, store money, and access other financial services through the JazzCash platform.

How to Check the IBAN Number Online for JazzCash and EasyPaisa 2023

How to check JazzCash IBAN number online

To obtain your JazzCash IBAN number online, you first need to log into your account via the JazzCash app or the official website. From there, navigate to the ‘Account Information’ or ‘Banking Services’ section, where you’ll find details regarding your account, including your IBAN number.

How to check EasyPaisa IBAN number online

Similarly, to find your EasyPaisa IBAN number online, log into your EasyPaisa account either through the app or the official website. Once logged in, go to ‘My Account’ and locate the ‘Bank Information’ section. Here, you’ll find your IBAN number alongside other bank account details.

How to verify your IBAN number

There are several free online tools available for verifying your IBAN number, such as’s IBAN Checker. These tools can validate your IBAN by checking its length, structure, and total digit count, ensuring it aligns with international banking standards.

JazzCash IBAN Number for Payoneer

Payoneer is an international financial services company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services across borders. It is widely used by freelancers, professionals, and businesses to receive payments from foreign clients, making it a crucial tool in today’s global economy.

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How to connect your JazzCash account with Payoneer

To connect your JazzCash account with Payoneer, follow these steps: Log into your Payoneer account, navigate to ‘Withdraw’ and select ‘To Bank Account’. Add your JazzCash account details and verify them. Once verified, you can easily withdraw money from your Payoneer account directly to your JazzCash account.

Find your JazzCash IBAN number for Payoneer

Your JazzCash IBAN number for Payoneer is the same as your regular JazzCash IBAN number. You can find it in your JazzCash account under the ‘Account Information’ or ‘Banking Services’ section. Once you’ve found it, simply input this number when linking your JazzCash account to Payoneer.

How to Know Your JazzCash and EasyPaisa IBAN Number

Methods to know your JazzCash IBAN number

Apart from the online method explained above, you can also find out your JazzCash IBAN by visiting any JazzCash Agent or Jazz Point. Moreover, you can call JazzCash helpline 4444 (for Jazz/Warid customers) or 021-111-124-444 (for other network users) to get this information.

Methods to know your EasyPaisa IBAN number

For EasyPaisa, apart from retrieving your IBAN number online, you can also dial *786# from your mobile phone and follow the prompts to get your account details, including your IBAN number. Alternatively, you can visit any Telenor Franchise or Telenor Bank branch to obtain this information.

EasyPaisa IBAN Number Generator

EasyPaisa IBAN number generator

The EasyPaisa IBAN number generator is a tool provided by EasyPaisa for its users to generate their IBAN numbers. This tool uses your basic account information to generate an IBAN that you can use for international transactions.

How to use the EasyPisA IBAN number generator

To use the EasyPaisa IBAN number generator, log into your EasyPaisa account on the app or website. Navigate to the ‘Banking Services’ section and look for the ‘IBAN Generator’ option. You’ll need to input some basic information, such as your account number, and the tool will generate your IBAN number for you.

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JazzCash Swift Code

The SWIFT code (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is an international standard for identifying banks globally. It’s an alphanumeric code of 8 or 11 characters used to facilitate international wire transfers, making it a crucial piece of information for global financial transactions.

How to find your JazzCash Swift Code

Finding your JazzCash SWIFT code can be easily done through your online JazzCash account. After logging in, navigate to the ‘Account Information’ or ‘Banking Services’ section. Here, you’ll find your bank’s SWIFT code among other details. Alternatively, you can contact JazzCash’s customer support for this information.


As reiterated throughout this guide, verifying your IBAN number is important for smooth and secure financial transactions. Whether you’re using JazzCash, EasyPaisa, or any other financial platform, it’s always crucial to ensure the accuracy of your IBAN number before initiating any transaction. This simple step can help prevent complications such as delayed transfers, returned payments, or misdirected funds.

While platforms like JazzCash and EasyPaisa have made banking more accessible and convenient, it’s important to use these services responsibly. Always verify your account details including your IBAN and SWIFT code before making transactions. Keep your account secure, and be wary of scams or phishing attempts. Remember, financial security is as much in your hands as it is in the hands of your bank.

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