How to Share Balance Between Sim Cards in 2023

With the rapid growth of mobile technology, balance sharing between SIM cards has become a daily necessity for many users. It allows you to transfer credit from your mobile account to another, whether it’s because a friend is out of balance or because you have multiple phones. Regardless of the reason, understanding the process can be a lifesaver. This comprehensive guide will walk you through all aspects of balance sharing between SIM cards. Let’s embark on this journey.

The world of telecommunications has evolved significantly over the last few years, resulting in a plethora of conveniences for users. One of the most notable among these is the ability to share balance between SIM cards.

Balance Sharing Between SIM Cards

Balance sharing is a crucial service provided by mobile operators that allows users to transfer their mobile balance to other users within the same network or even across different networks. This feature is especially important in emergency situations where a user may run out of balance and needs immediate assistance. It fosters a sense of community and cooperation among users as they can help each other stay connected.

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Balance Transfer Capabilities Across Different Networks

Different network providers offer various methods of transferring balance. The most common method is through USSD codes, which are specific numbers dialed on the phone to initiate the transfer. Each network has its unique USSD code for balance transfers. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the right code for your network.

Balance Sharing

Before we delve into the technicalities of how to share balance, it’s essential to understand what balance sharing really is and which networks support it.

Concept of Balance Sharing

Balance sharing, also known as credit transfer, is a service that allows users to transfer a portion of their mobile account balance to another user’s account. This concept is commonly used in prepaid mobile services where users purchase a certain amount of credit for their accounts.

Networks That Support Balance Sharing

Most major network providers offer the balance sharing feature. These include Jazz, Telenor, Zong, and Ufone. Each of these networks provides distinct codes and processes for balance transfer, which will be discussed in detail in the subsequent sections.

How to Share Balance Between SIM Cards

Sharing balance between SIM cards can be a straightforward process if you know the right steps to take. Here are the general steps involved:

Step 1: Check Your Current Balance

Before initiating a balance transfer, you should first ensure that you have enough balance in your account. You can do this by dialing the balance check code specific to your network provider.

Step 2: Choose the Recipient Network and Number

Next, you’ll need to decide who will receive the balance transfer. This can be any number within the same network or across different networks, depending on your network provider’s policies.

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Step 3: Dial the Appropriate Balance Transfer Code

Once you’ve confirmed your balance and decided on the recipient, you’ll then need to dial the balance transfer code specific to your network provider. This code usually involves the recipient’s number and the amount to be transferred.

Step 4: Confirm the Amount to Be Transferred

After dialing the transfer code, you’ll be prompted to confirm the amount you want to transfer. Make sure to double-check this as some network providers may not allow you to reverse the transaction once completed.

Network-Specific Balance Transfer Guides

Now that we’ve covered the general process of balance transfer, let’s delve into the specific procedures for each major network provider.

Balance Transfer from Jazz to Other Network

To transfer balance from Jazz to another network, you need to dial *100**#. You will then receive a prompt to confirm the transaction by pressing 1.

Balance Transfer from Telenor to Other Network

For Telenor users, you can transfer balance by dialing *1.1*1**#. Similar to Jazz, you’ll be prompted to confirm the transaction.

Balance Transfer from Zong to Other Network

Zong users can transfer balance by dialing *828# and following the prompts to input the recipient’s number and the amount to be transferred.

Balance Transfer from Ufone to Jazz

If you’re looking to transfer balance from Ufone to Jazz, you can do so by dialing *828**#. You’ll then be asked to confirm the transaction by pressing 1.

Balance Transfer from Ufone to Zong

Transferring balance from Ufone to Zong follows the same procedure as transferring to Jazz. Simply dial *828**# and confirm the transaction.

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People Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some common questions users often have about balance transfers:

Can We Transfer Balance from One SIM to Another?

Yes, balance can be transferred from one SIM to another using the balance transfer feature provided by most network providers. However, the process and codes may vary between networks.

What is the Maximum Amount I Can Transfer?

The maximum amount you can transfer depends on your network provider. Some networks may limit the transfer amount per transaction or per day, so it’s best to check with your network provider for specific details.

Are There Any Fees Involved in Balance Transfer?

Some network providers may charge a nominal fee for balance transfers. It’s recommended to check with your network provider for any associated fees before initiating a transfer.


In conclusion, balance sharing between SIM cards can be a convenient feature, especially in times of need. It allows users to stay connected and continue their communications even when they run out of balance.

To recap, here are the key steps in sharingbalance: First, check your current balance. Second, choose the recipient network and number. Third, dial the appropriate balance transfer code. Finally, confirm the amount to be transferred. Remember that these steps can vary slightly depending on your network provider.

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