Helpline And Emergency Contact Numbers in Pakistan

The article “Helpline and Emergency Contact Numbers in Pakistan” provides a comprehensive list of important helpline numbers in Pakistan, including those for telecom networks, banks, government offices, and private institutions. These numbers are crucial as they provide immediate access to information and assistance when needed.

SIM Card Helpline

Telecom networks such as Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor have their specific helpline numbers that cater to both prepaid and postpaid users. For instance, Jazz Warid’s helpline number is 111, Zong’s is 310, Ufone’s is 333, and Telenor’s is 1700. It’s worth noting that Warid, once a popular network, has merged with Jazz, making all Warid SIM users Jazz users.

SIM NetworkHelpline
Jazz Warid111

Internet Providers Helpline

In addition to telecom networks, the article also provides helpline numbers for various internet providers operating across Pakistan. These include PTCL, Qubee, Wateen, Wi-Tribe, NayaTel, and Storm fiber. Each of these providers has a dedicated helpline number to assist users with any issues or queries related to their internet connection.

Internet ProvidersHelpline
PTCL111 20 20 20
Wi-Tribe111-187 423
Storm fiber111-1- 78676

Banks Helpline Number

Banking institutions also have their official helpline numbers to provide information about new accounts, debit/credit cards, current balance, loans, and other details. The article lists the helpline numbers of the top fifteen banks in Pakistan, including Sindh Bank, Askari Bank, Bank of Punjab, Bank of Khyber, JS Bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited, United Bank Limited, MCB Bank Limited, Meezan Bank Limited, Faysal Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, Bank Alfalah Limited, Bank Al-Habib Limited, National Bank of Pakistan, and Standard Chartered Bank.

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Bank NameHelpline Number
Sindh Bank0800 333 22
Askari Bank(021) 36490001
Bank of Punjab(021)  – 267 – 200
Bank of Khyber(021) 111 265 265
JS Bank Limited(021) 111 654 321
Allied Bank Limited(021) 353 010 94
United Bank Limited(021) 111-825-888
MCB Bank Limited(021) 111-000-622
Meezan Bank Limited(021) 111-331-331
Faysal Bank Limited(021) 111-060-606
Habib Bank Limited(021) 111 111 425
Bank Alfalah Limited(021) 111-225-111
Bank Al-Habib Limited(021) 111 014 014
National Bank of Pakistan(021) 111 627 627
Standard Chartered Bank(021) 111 002 002

Government Offices Helpline

Government offices in Pakistan also have their official helpline numbers to assist citizens during times of difficulty. These include the Motorway, PTA, Railway, FBR, NTS, PIA, and Nadra.

Government OfficesHelpline Numbers
PIA(021) 111 786 786
Nadra+92 51 111 786 100


The article provides a valuable resource for anyone in Pakistan who may need to contact these organizations for information or assistance. It emphasizes the importance of having these numbers readily available and encourages readers to take note of them.

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