HEC Starts Free Coursera License Registration for 2023

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has taken a significant step towards enhancing the educational opportunities for students and faculty members by initiating the registration process for free Coursera licenses for the year 2023. This initiative is aimed at providing access to a wide range of short courses offered on Coursera, a leading online learning platform that hosts courses from top universities and institutions around the world.

Eligibility for this program extends to currently enrolled university students as well as teaching and non-teaching faculty members. The move by HEC is a clear indication of its commitment to promoting continuous learning and professional development among the academic community in Pakistan.

Interested candidates are urged to take note of the registration deadline, which is set for November 20, 2023. To facilitate the registration process, HEC has provided an online website where applicants can submit their applications for the free Coursera courses.

HEC Initiates Free Coursera License Registration

This educational advancement comes as part of a broader effort by HEC to increase the accessibility of quality education and to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly evolving global job market. By leveraging the resources available through Coursera, participants will have the opportunity to engage in learning across various disciplines and subjects, ranging from technology and business to personal development and beyond.

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The HEC’s initiative is not only expected to enhance the skill set of the beneficiaries but also to contribute to the overall educational landscape of Pakistan by fostering a culture of lifelong learning. As the registration process gets underway, it is anticipated that a significant number of students and faculty members will take advantage of this opportunity to further their education and professional careers without the burden of course fees.

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For more information regarding the registration process, eligibility criteria, and other related details, interested parties are encouraged to visit the official HEC website or the dedicated page for the free Coursera license registration on It is important for applicants to ensure they meet all requirements and adhere to the given timeline to benefit from this valuable educational resource provided by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.


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