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Gago Games Unsubscribe Code Jazz, Ufone, Zong, & Telenor

Gago Games is a popular online gaming platform that offers thousands of games for users to enjoy. It provides an interactive experience where players can engage in games with their friends and communicate with them live. However, this service comes at a cost, which is deducted from the user’s mobile balance. This article provides information on how to unsubscribe from Gago Games for users of Jazz, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone telecom networks.

Gago Games Unsubscribe Code

The Gago Games service charges PKR 25 (tax inclusive) per week. For many users, this continuous deduction from their balance becomes a burden over time. Therefore, they seek ways to unsubscribe from the service. The process to unsubscribe varies slightly depending on the telecom network.

For Jazz users, unsubscribing from Gago Games is as simple as sending an SMS. Users need to type ‘UNSUB 5’ and send it to the code 4466. Once this is done, the Gago Games service will be automatically unsubscribed, saving users from daily deductions of PKR 5.

Zong users can also unsubscribe from the Gago Games service by sending an SMS. They need to type ‘UNSUB 5’ in a new message and send it to the code 2742. After this, the Gago Games service will be unsubscribed on their Zong 4G SIM.

Game Service Charges

The charges for Telenor and Ufone users are PKR 25 (tax inclusive) per week, while Jazz and Zong users are charged PKR 5+Tax per day. These charges can add up over time, making it a significant expense for regular users.

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It is important to note that such services can lead to a loss of balance, preventing users from making calls, sending SMS, and accessing the internet. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid activating such extra services on prepaid SIM cards.


Gago Games provides an exciting platform for online gaming, the associated costs can be a burden for many users. Therefore, knowing how to unsubscribe from the service can help users save their mobile balance.

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