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Etisalat WIFI Packages 2023 | Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Having reliable and fast internet access at home has become an essential need in today’s digital world. A good WiFi connection allows you to work, study, shop, be entertained and stay connected with your loved ones seamlessly. This makes choosing the right Etisalat WiFi package that suits your needs and budget extremely important.

With so many options to choose from, selecting the optimal Etisalat WiFi package can be confusing. However, investing some time to evaluate your internet usage, budget, required speed and coverage will ensure you make the right decision. The package you choose will determine how much you pay and the quality of internet connectivity you get. This guide will walk you through the key types of Etisalat WiFi packages available in 2023 and provide tips to help you select the best one for your home.

Overview of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Options

Etisalat offers WiFi packages on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to suit different requirements. Here is a quick overview of the main options:

  • Daily packages – Affordable, short-term internet access valid for 24 hours. Ideal for temporary needs.
  • Weekly packages – Provide internet connectivity for 7 days. Great for people with changing internet requirements week to week.
  • Monthly packages – Long-term internet plans with the best value. Best for homes with regular internet needs.

In addition to duration, these packages also vary based on internet speeds, FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limits, device connections allowed and other benefits offered. We will look at these specifics in more detail in the following sections.

Daily WIFI Packages

Description of Daily Packages

Etisalat offers daily WiFi packages that provide 24 hours of internet access. These short-term plans are suitable for those who need the internet for a limited period such as when travelling or for a temporary project.

Some popular daily packages offered by Etisalat in 2023 include:

  • Daily Unlimited Package – Provides truly unlimited internet for 24 hours with high speeds up to 500 Mbps.
  • Social Media Daily Package – Access to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. for a day.
  • Daily Video Package – For video streaming on YouTube, Netflix etc. with 10GB high-speed data.
  • Daily Light Usage Package – Low-cost option with 5GB data for light browsing and messaging.

These packages do not require any long-term contract and can be purchased on-demand when needed. The unused data does not carry forward to the next day.

Pricing and Inclusions

Daily Etisalat WiFi packages range from AED 12 to AED 150 depending on the inclusions. The Daily Unlimited Package provides completely unrestricted access for 24 hours at AED 150. More affordable packages like Social Media Daily and Daily Light Usage offer more limited access starting AED 12.

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The video streaming and unlimited packages offer high-speed data up to 500Mbps while the light usage options have lower speed caps. The daily deals are applicable only for one device. However, you can purchase multiple daily packages to connect more devices.

How to Activate and Use Daily Packages

Activating Etisalat daily WiFi packages is quick and simple:

  1. Install the Etisalat app on your smartphone and register with your account details.
  2. Browse the app for the available daily deals and select your preferred package.
  3. Complete payment through the app via credit card or Etisalat balance.
  4. As soon as payment is successful, you will receive activation instructions via SMS.
  5. Connect your device to the WiFi using the credentials sent to instantly start enjoying internet access.

The 24-hour validity will start as soon as you activate the package. You can purchase multiple packages together or extend as needed. Daily packages offer flexibility for short-term internet access needs.

Weekly WIFI Packages

Description of Weekly Packages

For users whose internet needs vary on a weekly basis, Etisalat offers a range of weekly WiFi packages. These provide 7 days of connectivity at affordable rates and are more cost-effective than daily deals for slightly longer durations.

Some popular weekly packages offered in 2023 include:

  • Weekly Unlimited Package – Unrestricted high-speed internet for 7 days.
  • Weekly Social Media Package – Access to social apps for a week.
  • Weekly Learning Package – Edu-focused package with extra data for e-Learning platforms.

The unused data is not carried forward to the next week. Users can switch between packages each week based on their requirements.

Pricing and Inclusions

Weekly Etisalat WiFi packages range between AED 25 to AED 200 based on the type of package. The Weekly Unlimited plan provides completely unrestricted access for 7 days at just AED 200. More limited packages like the Weekly Social Media plan start at AED 25.

Speeds for most weekly plans range from 25Mbps to 150Mbps based on the Fair Usage Policy. The number of devices that can be connected also varies for different packages. Higher-priced plans allow more devices and higher data limits.

How to Activate and Use Weekly Packages

You can subscribe to weekly Etisalat WiFi packages via the Etisalat app or website:

  1. Browse plans and select your preferred weekly package.
  2. Choose your payment method – credit card, Etisalat balance etc.
  3. Enter your address details for WiFi installation if required.
  4. The package will be activated within 24 hours and you will receive credentials.
  5. Connect devices to WiFi using the provided username and password.

You can renew the package weekly or switch plans based on your usage. Weekly packages offer the flexibility to change connectivity needs.

Monthly WIFI Packages

Description of Monthly Packages

Etisalat provides a wide selection of monthly WiFi packages suitable for long-term connectivity needs at home. Monthly plans come with bigger data benefits, higher speeds and ability to connect more devices compared to shorter validity packs.

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Some popular monthly packages offered in 2023 are:

  • Starter Monthly Package – Up to 25Mbps speed with 100GB data
  • Advance Monthly Package – Up to 50Mbps speed with 300GB data
  • Premium Monthly Package – Up to 250Mbps speed with 500GB data
  • Elite Monthly Package – Up to 500Mbps speed with Unlimited data
  • These packages cater to different data requirements at varying price points. Users can choose higher data limits for additional monthly fees.Pricing and InclusionsMonthly Etisalat home WiFi packages range from AED 199 to AED 499 per month. The entry-level Starter pack starts at AED 199 with 100GB data while the Unlimited Elite pack is priced at AED 499 per month.Higher-priced plans get you faster internet speeds, higher FUP limits and ability to connect more devices simultaneously. All monthly packs come with a free WiFi router. Additional benefits like free streaming subscriptions, security solutions etc. are also offered with select premium plans.How to Activate and Use Monthly PackagesYou can subscribe to Etisalat monthly WiFi packages through the website or app:
    1. Browse monthly plans and select one as per your usage needs.
    2. Choose a payment method and complete sign up process.
    3. Etisalat will set up the connection and send the WiFi router and credentials within 24 hours.
    4. Connect your devices to the home WiFi using the provided details.
    5. You can renew monthly plans automatically or upgrade/downgrade flexibly.
    Monthly packages are ideal for uninterrupted internet access all month long. With flexible options, you can easily choose a plan to suit your usage and budget.

Unlimited WIFI Packages

Description of Unlimited Packages

For power users with extremely high data requirements, Etisalat offers unlimited WiFi packages with no FUP restrictions. These plans provide endless high-speed data without having to worry about crossing any limits.

Some popular unlimited monthly packages offered are:

  • Unlimited Basic – Up to 50Mbps speeds
  • Unlimited Advance – Up to 250Mbps speeds
  • Unlimited Premium – Up to 500Mbps speeds

Users can enjoy lag-free 4K streaming, large downloads, online gaming and more without interruptions. This makes unlimited plans ideal for large households and gamers.

Pricing and Inclusions

Unlimited Etisalat WiFi packages are priced between AED 699 to AED 999 per month. Higher speeds cost more – Unlimited Basic starts at 699 AED while Unlimited Premium is 999 AED. Unlimited data is offered at the maximum specified speeds at all times.

Unlimited plans can connect up to 100 devices depending on the package. Gaming packages also come with gaming accelerators and low latency for better online gaming experiences. Free dual-band WiFi 6 routers are provided.

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How to Activate and Use Unlimited Packages

Users can subscribe to unlimited Etisalat WiFi plans via the website or mobile app:

  1. Select your preferred unlimited package based on speed needs.
  2. Choose a payment plan – monthly, quarterly or annual.
  3. Etisalat will set up the WiFi connection within 24 hours.
  4. Connect all your devices and enjoy seamless internet without FUP limits.
  5. You can change to a higher speed plan anytime as per your needs.

Unlimited packages offer the ultimate internet experience without worrying about data limits. It provides great value for money given the endless high-speed data.

How to Choose the Best Etisalat WIFI Package for Your Needs

Assessing Your Internet Usage

The first step is to analyze your current and projected internet usage. Track how much data you use each day/week/month on activities like:

  • Browsing & Email
  • Streaming movies, shows, music
  • Online gaming
  • Video calling
  • Smart home devices

This will give you an idea of your actual data needs so you can choose a suitable monthly data allowance. Also consider peak usage times and number of connected devices in your household.

Considering Your Budget

Next, decide how much you want to spend on your home WiFi. Etisalat packages range from AED 12 per day to AED 999 per month. Determine your budget so you can narrow down the plans. Prioritize needs vs wants – if you have a tight budget, you may have to opt for lower speeds or data limits. But if budget is no constraint, you can indulge in unlimited high-speed plans.

Evaluating Speed and Coverage

Internet speed and signal coverage should also impact your decision. If you mainly do light browsing, 25Mbps speed should suffice. For 4K streaming and gaming, look for higher speeds of 250Mbps and above. Check Etisalat’s coverage map for your area. If signal strength is weak, you may need a WiFi booster or repeater. This will increase your overall costs. Consider getting a dual-band router for reduced congestion and lag if you have many connected devices.


Choosing the right Etisalat WiFi package requires assessing your usage, budget, speed and coverage needs. Daily and weekly plans are great for short-term flexibility. Monthly packages offer better value for long-term connectivity. Unlimited plans provide peace of mind with endless high-speed data.

Analyze your usage accurately, choose an appropriate monthly data limit and speed to avoid under or overpaying. Read through all Etisalat’s terms and conditions carefully for any hidden charges or restrictions. With the wide variety of options available, you are sure to find a plan that fits your requirements and budget perfectly.

Get ready to enjoy seamless internet connectivity in 2023 with Etisalat’s reliable WiFi packages tailored to your needs. Happy surfing!

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