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Etisalat Call Divert Code – Etisalat Call Forwarding Service 2023

Call forwarding is an essential feature offered by Etisalat that allows users to forward incoming calls to another number. This can be extremely useful in many situations. For example, if you are traveling abroad and want to receive calls on your local number, call forwarding ensures you don’t miss any important calls. Or if you are busy in a meeting, call forwarding to your office landline means you don’t have to interrupt the meeting to take the call.

Call forwarding also provides flexibility and convenience to Etisalat users. You can forward calls to any number – mobile or landline. This gives users the freedom to choose where they receive calls depending on their situation and needs. Overall, call forwarding adds tremendous value as it allows users to stay connected at all times without missing important calls.

Benefits of Activating Call Forwarding

Here are some of the key benefits of activating call forwarding on Etisalat:

  • Flexibility to receive calls anywhere – Call forwarding allows you to forward calls to any number of your choice, ensuring you never miss important calls.
  • Avoid missing calls – Activating call forwarding is useful when you are traveling or in a poor network coverage area. It forwards calls to a number where you can be reached.
  • Separate personal and professional calls – You can forward personal calls to your mobile number and professional calls to your office landline to avoid mix-ups.
  • Call screening – Forward calls to voicemail or a personal assistant to screen unwanted calls.
  • Convenience – Set up call forwarding once and enjoy the convenience of receiving calls seamlessly on the go.
  • Peace of mind – Know that you will never miss an important call with call forwarding activated.
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As you can see, activating call forwarding on Etisalat provides significant benefits that can greatly enhance your calling experience.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Activate Call Forwarding on Etisalat in 2023

Step 1: Gather the Required Information

Know your Etisalat phone number

The first step is to ensure you know your 11-digit Etisalat phone number. This is the number that you want to forward calls from. Note down this number.

Familiarize yourself with the call forwarding code

Etisalat uses the following call forwarding activation codes:

  • To forward all calls: *21*
  • To forward when busy: *67*
  • To forward when unanswered: *61*
  • To forward to voicemail: *62*

Make a note of the specific code you need to activate the type of call forwarding you want.

Step 2: Dial the Call Forwarding Code

Enter the activation code provided by Etisalat

Dial the Etisalat call forwarding activation code from your phone. For instance, to forward all calls, dial *21*. Listen to the voice prompts carefully.

Follow the prompts to set up your call forwarding preferences

When prompted, enter the 11-digit number you want to forward calls to. Confirm the number when prompted again. The activation code may vary for landline and mobile numbers.

Follow all voice instructions to complete the call forwarding activation process. Make sure to listen to confirmation that call forwarding has been activated.

Step 3: Test Call Forwarding

Make a test call to ensure that call forwarding is working properly

To confirm that call forwarding has been successfully activated, make a test call from another phone to your Etisalat number. Your call should be forwarded to the alternative number.

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Troubleshooting tips if call forwarding is not working

If your test call does not get forwarded, here are some tips to troubleshoot:

  • Check if you entered the correct forwarding number.
  • Try activating call forwarding again by dialing the code.
  • Confirm your call forwarding status by dialing *#21#.
  • Contact Etisalat customer support if issues persist.

Step 4: Cancel Call Forwarding

Dial the deactivation code to cancel call forwarding

To cancel call forwarding, dial *21* or *#21# from your Etisalat number. Listen to the voice prompts to confirm deactivation.

Verify that call forwarding has been successfully canceled

Make a test call to confirm that calls are no longer getting forwarded. You can also dial *#21# to check your call forwarding status.

Using Call Forwarding on Etisalat

Etisalat offers options to forward calls in different scenarios – when busy, unanswered or all calls. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Regularly check your call forwarding status

It is easy to forget that call forwarding is activated. Check your status regularly by dialing *#21# to avoid any surprises.

Familiarize yourself with additional call forwarding features

Etisalat offers advanced call forwarding features like forwarding calls from fixed lines or forwarding calls from specific contacts. Learn how to use these to further enhance your experience.


Activating call forwarding on Etisalat is quick and easy by following the simple steps outlined in this guide. With call forwarding set up, you can enjoy greater flexibility and convenience in managing your calls. Key benefits include avoiding missed calls, separating personal and professional calls, call screening and the peace of mind of knowing you can be reached anywhere.

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Customize your call forwarding settings based on your specific needs and remember to check the status regularly. With its user-friendly interface and reliable network, Etisalat makes enjoying the benefits of call forwarding a breeze.

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