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Electricity Per Unit Price in Pakistan 2023 | Today Bijli Rate

The cost of electricity in Pakistan is a significant concern for both households and businesses. The price per unit of electricity, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), varies depending on the type of connection and the number of units consumed.

Electricity Per Unit Price In Pakistan

Electricity Prices
Household, kWh Business, kWh
 Pakistan Rupee 13.080 41.900

Domestic Connection Per Unit Rate

For domestic connections, the rate per unit changes with the number of units consumed. As of 2nd October 2023, the rates are as follows: for 1-50 units, the rate is Rs. 4.81 per unit; for 1-100 units, it’s Rs. 7.87; for 101-200 units, it’s Rs. 10.54; for 201-300 units, it’s Rs. 12.89; for 301-700 units, it’s Rs. 21.88; and for more than 700 units, it’s Rs. 24.93.

Number of UnitsRate per 1 Unit (kWh)Updated On
1-50 Rs. 4.812nd October 2023
1-100Rs. 7.872nd October 2023
101-200Rs. 10.542nd October 2023
201-300Rs. 12.892nd October 2023
301-700Rs. 21.882nd October 2023
More Then 700 Rs. 24.932nd October 2023

Commercial Connection Per Unit Rate

Commercial connections also have different rates based on the load. For loads less than 5kW, the rate is Rs. 21.80 per unit, and for loads more than 5kW, it’s Rs. 25.26.

Load TypeRate per Unit (kWh)
Updated On
Less than 5kW loadRs. 21.802nd October 2023
More than 5kW loadRs. 25.262nd October 2023

Nepra Electricity Price News March 2023:

The National Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) regulates and controls Pakistan’s electricity supply. In March 2023, NEPRA approved an increase of Rs 9.90 per unit in the monthly FPA fuel charges adjustment for June. This change was requested by the Central Power Purchasing Agency Guarantee Limited (CPPA) and took effect in June 2023. However, this rate does not apply to bills from prior months or to Lifeline and K Electric customers.

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K-Electric Electricity Price News March 2023

In Karachi, K Electric has requested NEPRA for approval to increase the price of electricity by Rs. 11.37 per unit due to fuel inflation in June. If approved, this would mean a significant increase in electric bills for consumers.

The cost of electricity can also vary depending on the province where you live. In Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK provinces, there are divisional electric supply companies that provide electricity at different rates.

Structure of Electricity prices in Pakistan

In addition to the cost per unit, consumers may also be charged for other items such as meter rent, service rent, fuel price adjustment, government charges, electricity duty, TV fee, and general sales tax (GST).

To check your electricity bill, you can use a mobile application and enter your reference number. This allows you to get a duplicate bill online anytime.


Cost of electricity in Pakistan is subject to change based on various factors including the type of connection, the number of units consumed, and changes in fuel prices. It’s important for consumers to stay updated with the latest rates to manage their electricity consumption effectively.


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