Easypaisa Helpline Number For Other Networks 3737

Easypaisa, a renowned online money transfer service in Pakistan, has become a go-to solution for instant and reliable money transfers. Given the presence of four major telecom networks in the country, Easypaisa has ensured that its helpline is accessible to users across all networks. This article provides detailed information about the Easypaisa helpline numbers for various networks including Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Warid, and Telenor.

Easypaisa Helpline Number

The primary Easypaisa helpline number is 3737, which is exclusively for Telenor SIM users. However, users from other networks need not worry as they can reach out to the Easypaisa help center by dialing 042-111-003-737. This number is applicable for Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Warid SIM users.


Easypaisa Email Help

In addition to the helpline numbers, Easypaisa also offers email support for those who are unable to contact through mobile phones. Users can send their queries or requests for assistance to For general inquiries, they can write to officials at Media-related queries can be addressed to These email addresses are valid and free to use.

Official FaQs Help

For personal assistance, users can dial the 021 / 042 / 051 number. Please note that charges for this helpline number are based on the duration of the call.

Easypaisa Merchants

Easypaisa also provides special support for its registered merchants. They can dial 345-545 from their Telenor SIM to get any information or help they need. This number is specifically dedicated to Easypaisa merchants.

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Official Complaint

In case of any complaints, both registered and unregistered users can write to officials at This service is available 24/7 and is free of charge.


Easypaisa has made it easy for users across all networks to access their helpline and get the assistance they need. Whether you’re a regular user or a registered merchant, Easypaisa ensures that help is just a call or an email away.

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