2 Ways To Convert Jazz Sim To Ufone In 2023

In 2023, Ufone, a popular mobile network in Pakistan, has made it easier for Jazz users to switch their service over to Ufone. This article will guide you through the two simplest methods to convert your Jazz SIM to Ufone.

1st Method To Convert Mobilink Sim To Ufone

The first method involves a manual process using your mobile phone. To begin, type “MNP” and send it to 667 from your Jazz number. You will receive a reply which you need to forward to 76333, along with your name and CNIC number.

After this, call 03312361236 from the same Jazz number that you wish to convert to Ufone. This will record your request for switching. The final step is to visit your nearest Ufone franchise with your CNIC, where you can complete the conversion of your Jazz SIM to Ufone.

2nd Method To Convert Jazz Sim To Ufone Online

The second method is an online process facilitated by Ufone’s MNP online portal. Start by sending the word “MNP” to 667 from your Jazz number. Forward the reply message to 76333, including your name and CNIC number. Then, call 03312361236 from the Jazz number you want to convert to Ufone to record your request.

Next, visit the nearest Ufone store with your CNIC to convert your Jazz SIM to a Ufone SIM. Finally, go to the ‘Port into Ufone 4G’ section on the website, fill out the given form, and send the word “MNP” to 667. You will receive a reply with information such as Mobile Number, Name, CNIC & SIM Number. Forward this SMS to 76333 to complete your MNP request process.

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Ufone Sim Convert Offer 2023

Ufone also offers a special incentive for those making the switch. In 2023, they introduced the ‘Ufone Sim Convert Offer’, which provides Rs. 50 balance to prepaid customers upon their first call activation after the switch.

Can I Convert My Jazz Number To Ufone?

So, if you’re considering switching from a Jazz SIM to a Ufone SIM, these two methods make the process straightforward and hassle-free. Whether you prefer to do it manually or online, Ufone has made it easy for Jazz users to convert their SIMs.

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