How to Complaint Methods for Easypaisa in 2023: SMS and Online

Easypaisa has become an essential financial service for millions of people in Pakistan. As one of the country’s largest mobile money transfer and payment services, Easypaisa allows users to conveniently send and receive money, pay bills, and more. However, like any financial service, issues can sometimes arise that require customers to file complaints in order to resolve problems.

Having effective complaint methods is crucial for Easypaisa users to ensure any problems with transactions, account access, or other services are properly addressed. When users have clear complaint channels that facilitate quick responses from Easypaisa, it maintains satisfaction and trust in the service.

This article will outline the most effective ways for Easypaisa customers to file complaints in 2023 via SMS messaging and online forms. By understanding these simple complaint procedures, Easypaisa users can get problems resolved as quickly as possible while continuing to take advantage of Easypaisa’s convenient financial services.

SMS Complaint Method

Step 1: Determine the Issue

Identify the problem with your Easypaisa transaction

Before contacting Easypaisa, take time to identify exactly what issue you are facing. Are you unable to access your account? Did a transaction fail or money disappear from your account? Determining the specific problem will help you provide the necessary details in your complaint.

Gather necessary details for your complaint

Make sure to have any relevant information on hand when filing your complaint via SMS. This includes your account phone number, transaction details, dates/times of issues, and any error messages you received. Having these details ready will make submitting an effective SMS complaint easier.

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Step 2: Compose the SMS

Use the correct format for the complaint

Easypaisa has a specific format to follow when composing a complaint via SMS. The message should begin with the text “Complaint” followed by your name, account phone number, and details of your issue. Being aware of this format will ensure Easypaisa customer service can quickly identify and address your complaint.

Provide all relevant information in a clear and concise manner

The SMS character limit means you need to be concise when explaining your issue. Include the necessary details like transaction IDs, dates, account numbers, and a brief description of the problem. Your goal is to provide enough context so Easypaisa support can understand and resolve the complaint.

Step 3: Send the Complaint

Use the designated Easypaisa complaint number

Easypaisa has a specific phone number for SMS complaints, which is 333. This number is dedicated to receiving customer issues via text message, so sending your complaint to it will ensure it gets directed properly.

Wait for a response from Easypaisa customer support

After sending your SMS complaint, wait for a response from the Easypaisa team. You should receive a reply within 48 hours addressing your issue or asking for additional information. Checking this response and providing any other requested details will help resolve your complaint.

Online Complaint Method

Step 1: Access the Easypaisa Website

Visit the official Easypaisa website

To file an online complaint, go to the Easypaisa website at This is the official website managed by Telenor Microfinance Bank, which operates Easypaisa.

Navigate to the complaint section

On the Easypaisa homepage, you will see a “Complaint” link in the top menu. Click this link to go directly to the complaint page to begin filing your issue.

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Step 2: Fill out the Complaint Form

Provide accurate personal information

The online complaint form will ask for details like your name, account phone number, CNIC, and address. Providing accurate information here will allow Easypaisa staff to verify your account and process your complaint.

Describe the issue in detail

Use the comments box on the form to fully describe your complaint. Include relevant details like transaction numbers, dates, and any error messages you received. Giving complete context will help Easypaisa better understand the problem.

Step 3: Submit the Complaint

Review the complaint before submitting

Before submitting the online complaint form, quickly review the details to ensure all the information is correct. This will avoid delays or issues processing your complaint.

Follow any additional instructions provided by Easypaisa

After submitting the form, follow any other instructions provided by Easypaisa’s complaint page. This may include reviewing automated complaint status updates or waiting for an email response.


Being able to effectively file complaints is crucial for Easypaisa users to resolve any issues that arise. By understanding the proper SMS and online complaint procedures outlined here, Easypaisa customers can get problems addressed quickly while continuing to leverage Easypaisa’s convenient mobile financial services.

Taking the time to properly determine your issue, gather details, and submit complaints through the correct channels will ensure you receive a timely response from Easypaisa’s customer support team. Maintaining open communication via complaints enables Easypaisa to continue improving their products and services as well.

With Easypaisa’s growing importance for payments, transfers, and other services in Pakistan, having effective complaint options benefits all customers and contributes to wider adoption of mobile money platforms. By submitting complaints promptly when issues occur, we can continue advancing financial inclusion and accessibility in Pakistan through digital banking services like Easypaisa.

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