How to Check Zong 4G Device Remaining Data (Check Zong Device MBs)

Checking the remaining data on your Zong 4G device is a straightforward process that can be done in a few simple steps. This process is free of charge and provides an accurate account of your usage history. There are several methods to check the remaining MBs on your Zong 3G/4G device.

One method involves using the device’s “statistics” counter. To do this, you first need to connect your WIFI with your PC. Then, type into your browser, followed by ‘admin’ as both the pin and username. Clicking on the “Statistics” option will then provide you with a history of your data usage.

Check Zong Device MBs

Another method is to use the Zong Master Number. By dialing *6767# from your Zong Master Number and selecting the option to “Check Internet Resources of your Zong MBB Number”, you will receive a SMS within seconds containing details about your remaining internet device data.

Zong 4G has recently launched more than three WIFI devices, each boasting advanced features and superior connectivity. As a result, Zong 4G has become a popular choice for internet users due to its affordable WIFI packages.

Check via Statistics Counter

To check the remaining MBs on your Zong device, you need a Zong device and another device (such as a mobile, computer, or laptop) that can connect with the WIFI device. After connecting your WIFI with the second device, open your device’s internet browser and type in the Zong 4G WIFI device address

A login page will appear asking for a username and password. Enter ‘admin’ for both fields. Once the main page opens, click on the “usage” portion under the “services” tab. The network will send your current usage and total data details through SMS. Open the SMS from Zong’s official number “102” to get full details of your remaining MBs and total MBs in your Zong 4G device.

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Check the remaining data on your Zong 4G device has become easier with the launch of the protocol. This allows you to manage your device settings, password, and basic steps independently.

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