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How to Check and Download Your HESCO Online Bill and Get a Duplicate Copy

The advent of the digital age has brought about numerous conveniences, with one notable benefit being the ability to check and download utility bills online. The Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company (HESCO) is one such facility that offers its customers the privilege to access their electricity bill online – saving them from unnecessary hassle.

How to Check Your HESCO Bill Online

14-Digit Reference Number

The 14-digit reference number is a unique identifier assigned to each consumer. It is a critical piece of information required to check your HESCO bill online. The number starts with digits and ends with an alphabet, where “U” indicates urban consumers, and “R” signals rural customers. This reference number is displayed on your electricity bill and meter.

Steps to Follow in Checking Your Bill Online

Checking your HESCO bill online is a straightforward process that involves the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of HESCO at hescobill.com.
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number in the designated field.
  • Click on ‘Check Bill’ or press enter.
  • You will then see the latest bill amount along with its due date.
  • For detailed information, click on ‘View Full Bill’ to see the complete bill or download a copy.

How to Download Your HESCO Bill Online

Information for Downloading the Bill

To download your HESCO bill online, you need to have your 14-digit reference number handy. It’s also essential to ensure you have a stable internet connection and an updated web browser.

How to Download Your Bill Online

Follow these simple steps to download your HESCO bill from the comfort of your home:

  • Go to the HESCO website.
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number in the provided field.
  • Click on ‘Check Bill’.
  • Once your bill appears, click on ‘Download Bill’.
  • Your bill will be downloaded as a PDF file which you can save on your device or print for future reference.

How to Obtain a Duplicate Copy of Your HESCO Bill Online

Importance of Keeping a Duplicate Copy

Keeping a duplicate copy of your HESCO bill is important for several reasons. For instance, if you lose the original bill, a duplicate copy can serve as a valid document for payment. Furthermore, maintaining a record of past bills can help track your electricity consumption patterns and manage usage more effectively.

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Easy Steps to Get a Duplicate Copy

To generate a duplicate copy of your HESCO bill, follow these easy steps:

  • Visit the HESCO official website.
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number.
  • Click on ‘Check Bill’.
  • Once your bill appears on the screen, click on ‘Download Bill’ to download a duplicate copy in PDF format.

Understanding Your HESCO Bill

Bill Date and Other Essential Dates

Your HESCO bill contains several crucial dates that you must be aware of:

  • Connection date: This is the date when your electricity connection was approved by HESCO.
  • Bill Month: This indicates the invoice month.
  • Reading Date: This is the date when the meter reader took the reading from your meter.
  • Issue Date: The date when HESCO dispatched your bill invoice.
  • Due Date: This is the last date before which you should pay the bill to avoid late fees.

Understand Meter Number and Its Importance

The meter number is a unique identifier displayed on your electricity meter, comprising six unique digits. This number is essential for various purposes like reporting faults, applying for a new connection, or paying your bill online.

Discrepancy and Detection Bill

A detection bill is served to a consumer when a discrepancy is uncovered in the electricity meter reading or when instances of theft or other unauthorized activities are detected. This bill is issued in addition to the regular consumption bill. Understanding this aspect can help you read your bill accurately and avoid any confusion.


Checking and downloading your HESCO bill online not only saves time and energy but also promotes a more eco-friendly approach by minimizing the use of paper. It allows you to maintain a digital record of your bills, identify any irregularities, and manage your consumption more efficiently. Furthermore, it enables prompt payment of electricity bills, preventing late fees and disconnection.

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The convenience of online bill checking and downloading has made bill management easier than ever before. It’s advisable to check your bill regularly and keep track of your consumption patterns. Remember to pay your bills before the due date to avoid late charges. Lastly, always keep a record of your bills, either by downloading them or keeping a physical copy, for future reference.

With all this information, you’re now fully equipped to manage your HESCO online bill effectively and efficiently. Embrace the convenience of digital services and say goodbye to the old ways of waiting for physical bills and lengthy queues. Happy bill management!


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