BISE Gujranwala Inter 2nd Annual Practical Exams Schedule 2023

In 2023, the BISE Gujranwala inter 2nd annual exams are expected to be held in February or March, as per the annual academic calendar. The exact dates are usually announced by the Gujranwala board in December or January through official notifications.

These exams are conducted over a period of about two weeks. Different practical subjects are scheduled on different days. The exams may start around 8-9 AM and continue till 3-4 PM on a given day.

The practical exam schedule specifies the date, time, subject and exam duration for each practical paper. The schedule is designed according to the number of students appearing for a particular subject and the availability of lab facilities in affiliated colleges.

Students have to report to their respective exam centers on the designated dates and times mentioned in the official schedule issued by BISE Gujranwala. Appearing for the practical exams as per schedule is mandatory for students.

BISE Gujranwala Inter 2nd Annual Practical Exams Schedule

Date and Time of the Exams

As mentioned earlier, the Gujranwala Board will release the exact dates of the inter 2nd annual practical exams 2023 in December 2022 or January 2023. However, going by previous years’ schedules, the exams are likely to be held in the last week of February and first week of March 2023.

The exams are usually scheduled from Monday to Saturday, with a weekly holiday on Sunday. The timings range from 8-9 AM to 3-4 PM, with a 1 hour lunch break in between. Students have to report at their designated exam centers well in time and follow the instructions provided in the date sheet.

It is advisable for students to keep checking the official BISE Gujranwala website regularly for updates on the 2023 practical exams schedule once announced.

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Class-wise Schedule

The Gujranwala Board issues separate practical exam schedules for both 11th and 12th classes. The subjects scheduled on a given day may differ between the two classes.

For 11th class, the schedule includes physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science practicals on different days. For 12th class, the schedule covers physics, chemistry, biology practicals and any other elective subjects the student may have chosen.

The exam dates are arranged keeping mind factors like lab and resource availability across affiliated colleges. Students must carefully check their respective class date sheet to know the subject practical scheduled on each day.

How to Access the Date Sheet

Once finalized by the Gujranwala Board, the inter 2nd annual practical exams 2023 schedule will be made available both online and offline. Following are the ways to access the date sheet:

  • Visit the BISE Gujranwala official website and download from the ‘Date Sheet’ section
  • Check the notice board at your respective college
  • View it in leading newspapers which publish Gujranwala Board date sheets
  • Obtain a printed copy from your college administration office

Students must obtain a copy of the schedule well in advance and plan their preparation accordingly. It is important to regularly check for any updates or changes in case of rescheduling of papers due to administrative or other reasons.

How to Find Your Roll Number

Importance of the Roll Number

The roll number is a unique identification number allotted to every student appearing for the BISE Gujranwala inter exams. It serves as an important reference number throughout the examination process.

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Some key uses of the roll number are:

  • Marked on the attendance sheet to confirm student’s presence
  • Used to match practical exam records with individual students
  • Needed to check and access result when declared
  • Serves as identification for supplementary exam registration
  • Helps retrieve lost admit card or other records

Therefore, every student must know their correct roll number and carry it for the practical exams.

Methods to Retrieve Your Roll Number

If you have forgotten or lost your roll number, it can be retrieved in the following ways:

  • Check your admission fee receipt
  • Contact your school administration office
  • Refer previous progress reports or marksheets
  • Search the official website by providing other details
  • Visit theGujranwala Board office in person and request a replacementThe roll number is usually provided at the time of admission to 11th class. It remains the same in 12th class. Students must keep the roll number safely for use in practical exams, theory exams as well as result checking.
  • Contacting the Gujranwala Board for AssistanceIf a student is still unable to retrieve their roll number through the above methods, they should directly contact the Gujranwala Board office and submit an application requesting a replacement roll number slip.
  • The application should include the student’s name, father’s name, college name and other identification details. The Board office will verify these details and issue a new roll number if satisfied with the application.Students can visit the BISE Gujranwala office located at Satellite Town, Gujranwala or call at 055-9200210-13 for assistance related to obtaining their roll number.

Supplementary Exams for 2023

Supplementary Exam Process

Students who are unable to pass or fail to appear in any practical paper during the 2nd annual exams are given another chance to improve their result through supplementary exams organized by the Gujranwala Board.

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These supplementary practical exams are held around July-August after the announcement of the annual exam result. Students who fulfill the eligibility criteria can submit an application and fee to appear in this additional exam attempt.

The supplementary practical exam schedule is released by the Board just like the regular annual exam schedule. Students are allotted a revised roll number and admit card for these exams.

Eligibility Criteria

Students have to fulfill the following criteria to be eligible for appearing in the BISE Gujranwala inter supplementary practical exams 2023:

  • Failed in the practical component of one or more science subjects
  • Could not take the practical exam earlier due to health/family reason
  • Seeking improvement in the practical marks scored earlier

Ineligible students will not be permitted to sit for the supplementary exams. The Board verifies each application individually for eligibility.

How to Apply for the Supplementary Exams

Eligible students can complete the following process to apply for supplementary exams after the annual result:

  • Collect supplementary exam admission form from college or Board office
  • Fill the form providing all academic and personal details
  • Attach documents like annual exam result card
  • Deposit supplementary exam fee at designated bank
  • Submit the completed form at Board office before last date
  • Receive revised roll number slip once application is accepted

Appearing in these exams provides students a second opportunity to improve their practical knowledge and marks in a particular subject.


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