BISE AJK Revised Grading System for SSC 1st Annual Exams 2024

For students appearing for the SSC exams under the BISE AJK board, it is crucial to check their result as soon as it is announced. Some key reasons why students should check their SSC 1st annual exam result are:

  • It allows students to gauge their current academic performance and identify weaker areas needing improvement.
  • Students can use the result to strategize preparations for upcoming exam attempts.
  • High-achieving students will be motivated to maintain their performance.
  • Allows parents to review their child’s result and provide necessary support.
  • Students can apply for admission to HSSC/college using the updated result.
  • Any errors in the result, such as misspelled name, can be immediately rectified.

Therefore, as soon as BISE AJK announces the result for SSC annual exams 2024, it is highly recommended for all appearing students to check their result without delay.

Step 1: Accessing the Official Website

The first step is to access the official website of BISE AJK. This can be easily done by searching for “BISE AJK official website” on any search engine like Google or directly typing the URL in the address bar.

Alternatively, you can also directly search for “BISE AJK result” and click on the first link provided in search results. This will redirect you to the AJK board’s website.

Locate the “Result” section

Once on the official website of BISE AJK, you need to find the “Result” section. This is usually present on the homepage itself, or under the “Student” tab. Look for links like “SSC Result”, “HSSC Result” etc. and click on SSC.

If you are unable to find the result section, you can also use the website’s search bar to directly search for “1st Annual Result 2024”.

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Enter your roll number

The result page will ask you to enter your roll number to proceed. Your SSC roll number is provided on your admission card issued by BISE AJK before the examination. Enter the roll number correctly and carefully to avoid errors.

In case you have forgotten or lost your roll number, you can get in touch with your school administration or visit the BISE AJK office for assistance.

Step 2: Finding the Result

On the result portal, you need to first select the appropriate exam for which you want to check the result. For most students looking for SSC 1st annual exam 2024 result, this would be “Secondary School Certificate (10th Class)”.

Make sure you do not select the option for 9th class as that will lead to an error message. Also avoid intermediate/HSSC exam options.

Enter the required information (roll number)

After selecting SSC annual exam, you need to enter your roll number in the field provided and press submit. Make sure the roll number entered is correct and in the proper format.

Sometimes, the portal may also ask you to enter additional information like your full name. Fill in the details as per your official records.

Click on the “Submit” button

After entering the roll number and other details, click/tap on the “Submit” or “Get Result” button visible on the page. This will fetch your result from the BISE AJK database and display it on the website.

Double check that all information entered is correct before clicking submit to avoid getting an error message or someone else’s result.

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Step 3: Viewing the Result

It might take some time for the official result page to load after you click submit, so be patient. The website has to fetch your result details from the database and then display it.

The page may show a “Loading…” status while your result is being processed. Do not refresh or click back at this stage.

Check the displayed result

Once your SSC 1st annual exam 2024 result is displayed, go through it carefully and look at your grades obtained in each subject. The result card will show your roll number, name, father’s name etc for identification.

As per the new grading system, your result will only show grades, not numbers. See if you have obtained the minimum passing grades required to clear the exam.

Take note of your grades and marks

Note down your subject-wise grades as well as the overall result on a piece of paper separately. This will help you analyze your performance and keep a record.

Although the result card will not show numerical marks, it may display the minimum marks range for each grade. Note that down as well.

Step 4: Downloading the Result

BISE AJK provides the option to download your result card as a PDF file or take a print out directly from the website. Look for buttons like “Download Result” or “Print Result” and click on it.

Save the result as a PDF or print it for future reference If you selected the download option, the result PDF will be saved on your device. Make sure to note the file location so you can access it easily in the future. Alternatively, click the print button and collect the physical print out of the result for safe record keeping. Having a printed copy is always advisable.

Verify the accuracy of the downloaded result

Before saving or printing the result, just verify once that all the information displayed is accurate. Check if your name, father’s name, roll number etc. is correct.

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Also check subject names and grades to ensure there are no errors. In case of any major discrepancy in the result, immediately contact the BISE AJK office for rectification.

Step 5: Additional Information and Services

Apart from results, the BISE AJK website offers many other useful services for students. After checking your SSC result, take some time to explore other available facilities.

You can find exam date sheets, model papers, scholarship information, online admission forms, roll number slips etc. on the official website. Getting familiar with the portal will be helpful in the future.

Accessing roll number slips and online registration

For your next exam attempt, you will need your roll number slip to appear for the exams. BISE AJK provides the option to download roll number slips directly from the website.

You can also register/enroll for the next exam session online by filling out the admission form electronically.

Checking results of other classes (e.g., 12th class, 9th class)

The BISE AJK website allows students to check result of exams conducted for other classes as well, like HSSC, SSC Part 1, etc. You can view result of siblings or relatives studying in different classes.

Just select the appropriate exam from the dropdown menu and enter the required roll number to obtain the result.


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