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0347 Easypaisa | Who Is Calling Me From 0347?

The 0347 Easypaisa call has been a topic of discussion among many users recently. This call is an official communication from Easypaisa, a popular financial service provider in Pakistan, offering a health insurance policy to its customers. The service can be availed on a daily, monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis, providing a value-added benefit to the account holders.

Facts About 0347 Easypaisa Call

Easypaisa launched this health insurance service to cater to both new and existing customers. As part of their customer engagement strategy, Easypaisa officials make calls from the 0347 number to inform users about this service and inquire about their interest in subscribing. However, it’s important to note that these calls do not deduct any balance from the user’s account.

Despite the legitimate nature of these calls, there has been some controversy surrounding the 0347 number. Some unscrupulous individuals, often referred to as “blacksheep,” have been exploiting technology to generate false calls using this number, with the intention of deceiving users and possibly deducting their balance. This misuse has led to confusion among Easypaisa users, with some viewing the 0347 calls as fraudulent, while others recognize them as official communications from Easypaisa.

Official Easypaisa Announcement

In response to this issue, Easypaisa Pakistan has taken steps to clarify the situation for its users. They have released an image on their official Facebook page, distinguishing between the genuine and fake numbers. This initiative aims to help users identify safe numbers to answer and avoid falling victim to fraudulent calls.

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However, users are also advised to take certain precautions to ensure the security of their Easypaisa accounts. These include setting a strong pin, never sharing the pin or account balance with anyone, not accepting unknown transaction requests, and contacting the Easypaisa helpline in case of any issues. Furthermore, users are encouraged to download the Easypaisa app from secure and official sources like the Google Play Store.

Despite the confusion and controversy, the 0347 Easypaisa call remains a legitimate communication from the company, aimed at offering a valuable health insurance service to its users. As technology advances and financial services become increasingly digital, it’s crucial for users to stay informed and vigilant to ensure their accounts’ safety and security.

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