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##002# Du Code | All You Need To Know

The ##002# Du Code is a voice mail service code that plays a significant role in the telecom network of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This code is primarily used to cancel call divert to voice mail for all incoming calls. The Du network, which is widely used across the UAE, offers this service, making it a popular choice among users who are constantly on the lookout for the latest packages, codes, and services.

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##002# Du Code

To subscribe to the Voice Mail service on a prepaid number, users need to dial the 135 code, while postpaid users should dial the 155 code. This service, which diverts all incoming calls to voice mail when the user is busy, is offered free of charge.

Basic Codes & Uses

In addition to the ##002# Du Code, there are other codes associated with the Du Voice Mail Service. For instance, the *610555678161# code is used to divert calls to voice mail when there is no reply, while the *620555678161# code is used when the user is unreachable. The *670555678161# code is used when the user is busy, and the *210555678161# code is used to divert all incoming calls.

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Cancel All Services

To cancel these services, users can dial specific codes. The ##61# code cancels the ‘No Reply’ divert to voice mail service, the ##62# code cancels the ‘unreachable’ divert to voice mail service, the ##67# code cancels the ‘busy’ divert to voice mail service, and the ##002# code cancels the divert all incoming calls service.


##002# Du Code is a valuable tool for managing incoming calls in the UAE’s Du network. It offers users the flexibility to control how their calls are handled, ensuring that they never miss important communications. For more details about this code and service, users can visit the Du portal or download its official app from the play store.

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